Tri-Colored Heron

CBEC10aug15-0347 There was a bird in the marsh at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center that was unexpected for me. Four Tri-colored Herons had somehow dropped in along their migration route. I associate these birds more with Florida than with Maryland, so to see their colorful presence was truly a gift.

They used to be called a Louisiana heron, and with their new name are known to grace the marshes in the southern and eastern coasts of the United States. Of course, they have the smarts to winter in Central America and Baja Mexico.


If you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it,

for it is not to be reached by search or trail.

Heraclitus CBEC10aug15-0342

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  1. I love both images, but the top one is really great. The way the foot has just lifted out of the water, and the wings down like that. So full of anticipation. Lovely shot!

  2. Beautiful shots! It was so nice you could see these beautiful small herons up in MD. They are a treat every time I see them here too. So graceful.

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