Tag: Birding

Snow Buntings

There’s been some charming and unexpected visitors at North Point State Park in Edgemere, Maryland. Fondly known as “Snowflakes” these cold weather birds have come down from their breeding grounds in the high arctic region of North America and winter in Canada and parts of northern North America. […]

Ruffed Grouse

It’s been such a busy two weeks and it’s good to be back to share some of my adventures. Each year I travel to Shenandoah National Park with the Mountain Club of Maryland. Our true destination is to hike up Old Rag Mountain. An arduous nine-mile hike that […]

Still Hanging Around

It’s been a week since I’ve been able to post, so yes…I am still hanging around. Like these Purple Martins that stopped for a brief rest on the wire before continuing on their migration travels southbound for the winter. First, the heat wave continues in Maryland and I’ve […]

Peaceful at the Manor

There is something to be said about creating a peaceful and safe habitat for wildlife. Overtime, the birds at the manor are becoming more relaxed and enjoying the sanctuary. I’ve noticed that a Great Blue Heron has now been spending time on our docks, keeping an eye on […]

The Bluebirds

Hey Mr. Bluebird! That’s one big bug you’ve got there. Bet your babies are inside anxiously awaiting the tender morsel you’re bringing them. Mrs. Bluebird came in just to make sure everything is in order. Along their waterfront home with a view of the Three Musketeers, this bluebird […]