Category: Nature

Encore of Peruvian Bouquet

One can never get enough of flowers. Flowers here, Flowers there, Flowers everywhere. Beautiful flowers in pots, lovingly cultivated by first hand crafting a ceramic pot with clay from the Andes. Bright pink Bouganvilla hanging along the walls that Quechua owners planted for decoration. Gives a florescent dash […]

Sacred Valley Bouquet

My favorite time of year to visit the Sacred Valley region in Peru is early May. Just after the rainy season has ended, the sacred valley is green and vibrant with colors throughout. For a brief period one can enjoy the bright green valley before the dry and […]

Ospreys on the Magothy

Living on the Magothy River that feeds into the Chesapeake Bay allows me to play in the playground of Ospreys. These beautiful birds, sometimes known as Sea Hawks are so creative in where they make their homes. Fishing daily to feed their little ones, the crying fishing call […]

A Flower for a Friend

Being a member of the wordpress community, I’ve had the unique pleasure of meeting special people throughout the world. As I travel to Gainesville, Florida frequently to visit mom, along my virtual travels I’ve met Pegi of Florida Behind the Scenes. We planned a beautiful photo field trip […]

But I’m Not Ready !

In reviewing the home page of Hoofbeats & Footprints, my wonderful little calendar countdown caught me by surprise. 16 days left before I leave for Peru. But WAIT…I’m not ready ! After months and months of planning, the date of departure is nearly here, and I feel as […]