Category: Nature

An Amish Harvest

It is the harvest season in Amish Country in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Enjoying a rainy day with a dear friend, a short visit through the rich farmland and the large homesteads impressed me as to how hardworking the Amish are. The Amish Church originated in Switzerland in 1693, […]

An Industrial Morning

  It’s a busy Monday morning for me, but I wanted to share with you this glorious sunrise. Captured Saturday morning at Swan Creek Wetlands located near the Under Armour Factory. Swan Creek Wetlands is a birders paradise offering wide range of habitats for birds. Have a wonderful […]

What a Deer Thinks

  So I’ve spent the last three days stalking Bambi’s at dawn and dusk in great efforts to capture that “Gallery Shot.” This is what this young buck thought of that. Pffffttt ! I’ve got over 800 photos to go through and it’ll be hard to wean down […]

Off to the Mountains!

This morning I’m heading on a short road trip to the Shenandoah National Forest. Enjoying the fall colors today and wildlife abound at dusk. Tomorrow I’ll be hiking Old Rag Mountain, then a leisure return home at the end of the week. The mountains are fabulous as I’ll […]

An Epic Journey

Autumn is a time of transition. Not only for the trees but also for many birds and the miraculous Monarch Butterfly. Last Friday while cruising on the Magothy River that feeds into the Chesapeake Bay, little of spots of orange caught my eye. These little bits of color […]