Sacred Valley Bouquet

My favorite time of year to visit the Sacred Valley region in Peru is early May. Just after the rainy season has ended, the sacred valley is green and vibrant with colors throughout. For a brief period one can enjoy the bright green valley before the dry and cooler season begins to set in.

The variety of flowers, orchids and other fauna are countless. Between brilliant yellows and fluorescent pinks, the valley is filled with beautiful blossoms. Many attract the Peruvian Giant hummingbird.

While some of these flowers are wonderfully included in a garden, others are found nestled within the walls of Inca ruins.

Along the Inca Trail, orchids and other flowers decorate the way while one is struggling to put one foot in front of another.

Cactus is prevalent throughout the countryside due to dry conditions during the winter months, while native Orchids bring a tropical feel to the area.

It really is hard to pick a favorite of all the beautiful flowers and plant life that I saw in the Sacred Valley. Since there are so many wonderful flowers, stay tuned for part two!

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  1. Stunning. Brings back very happy memories, although I wasn’t there in springtime so didn’t have all those gorgeous flowers popping up along the way. I especially love the little ferns peeking out between the rocks – gorgeous!


    • Hi Cat! Thanks for commenting and enjoying these so much. I also like the peeping fern pic best too. We ought to have a virtual Inca Trail alumni club as there are so many wonderful memories we all have of the journey.

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