Earthly Heron Landing

I was all prepared to return to this week’s Duck Dynasty program with the wintering ducks on the Chesapeake Bay. But then a short series of images from today’s outing at Schoolhouse Pond in Upper Marlboro, Maryland shined through.

While the morning started foggy and damp, midday cleared up and the pond melted to give the waterfowl more room to roam. A solitary Great Blue Heron ruled over the duck and goose haven. Squawking when getting up to find another spot to keep an eye on things, he came in for a grand landing.

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Tune in tomorrow for the return of the Duck Dynasty series. We’ve got a few more to go!

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  1. Beautiful. There was a park near where I grew up where a lone Blue Heron lived; it was always a treat to see him there when I visited. They’re so freaking majestic.

  2. I thought I was imagining things when I saw the ducks on the small lake behind our house ‘walking’ on water this morning while I was taking my dog out for a walk (7.15am). It turns out it was so cold overnight (-5C) that the water had frozen over in places and there were small ice patches here and there. I wish I had taken my camera! Beautiful blue heron! What sumptuous plumage!

      • I though of you this morning as we were doing our Big Garden Birdwatch for the BBC and the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). you have to watch your garden for a whole hour and record how many birds of any species you see at any one time. Perfect for you, but I think I need a zoom lens as my pics didn’t come out so good!

        • That is so awesome for you doing the back yard bird watch. I should do it also as I’m always looking anyway. So how many different birds did you get to see? You should look at the Canon SX 50 or SX 60. They have great zoom and aren’t too expensive.

        • Oh Thank you for that advice. I have a Nikon and my husband has suggested buying a zoom lens for it. We saw LOADS of house sparrows, 2 robins, 2 great tits, 2 wood pigeons, 2 collar doves (they come in pairs) and 1 song thrush. We usually get greenfinches, goldfinches, blue tits, blackbirds, wrens and starlings, but sadly they didn’t make an appearance during that hour. Every now and then we also get a sparrowhawk, but it’s a good job he/she didn’t come yesterday, as it would have frightened all the other birds away.

        • Sparrowhawk, now that sounds like a really interesting bird. The great tits that you have are awesome and so beautiful. Wood pigeons, collar doves. Never heard of them. Oh’s time for me to come and visit your yard. Yes, check out that camera. It’s small, lightweight and easy to use. It is called a “Prosumer” camera which means it’s between a point and shoot and a DSLR. The zoom feature is the equivalent to 800mm. Not the greatest quality, but man you can get close to the birds.

          Have a lovely day!

  3. VERY worthy interruption! I love Great Blue Herons, they’re so majestic. You did this guy/gal justice for sure. I love the detail and color you’ve captured and the motion is art really, like it’s dancing. I appreciate how you’ve slowed their landing motion down, the folding of the wings and pulling one’s self together so to speak. Thanks much for sharing!

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