Snowed In

We’re interrupting the regular Duck Dynasty program due to a winter weather warning. Today was a snow day. Not only by the weather outside, but also on my home office desk. So while I watched the beautiful snow fall and the birds busy at the feeders, I was busy working on papers.

A brief ten minutes was found late in the day and the urge to capture birds in the snow overtook me. Luckily the birds were still quite busy and it was such a pleasure to spend a few moments with them.


At the rate I’m going through bird food, I think these birds are going to bankrupt me. But they’re so cute. How could I ever stand them having little to forage on?

Some of my garden visitors are here for the winter. Why ever they don’t go further south where it doesn’t snow makes me wonder.

But then, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy lots of Dark Eyed Juncos or White Throated Sparrows flitting about.

Dark Eyed Junco

Dark Eyed Junco

White Throated Sparrow

White Throated Sparrow

What’s ironic is that in the summer I follow the juncos to Maine and enjoy a lovely summer holiday on picturesque Mount Desert Island. The others are year-round residents, and they’ve become accustomed to being spoiled at the manor.

Northern Cardinal - Male

Northern Cardinal – Male

Even the little Carolina Chickadee bows down in thanks for such abundance.

Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Chickadee

It makes me think. Even the smallest creature can appreciate kindness and consideration. One’s spirit is always warmed if it has a giving nature. You will never regret being kind and generous to others.

If only everyone in the world would understand this simple thing.

Have you done something nice for someone today?

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  1. That was a very fruitful 10 minute break! I tend to do the same sort of thing when the winter weather tightens its grip and feeder activity gets intense. The female cardinal is superb!!! (that was my something nice for today :)).

  2. Interrupting Duck Dynasty ?
    The programme that continually interrupts itself anyway?
    Great photos, I’m in England, feeding garden birds that are so, so different to yours … so good to see what you have out there in your “backyard”.

  3. I also spend a small fortune on birdseed and fatballs, as well as sharing my breakfast and lunchtime bread with these gorgeous creatures. I am a teacher, so being kind to others, especially to students with learning difficulties, is part of the job; you just couldn’t do it otherwise. Beautiful and wise words πŸ˜‰

  4. Fabulous! You’ve captured incredible detail and in my opinion nailed the colors. I’ve always loved Chickadees and I love your pic too. In your picture you can see even the fine details of the feathers and the edges of its little black cap. Precious post really as I do appreciate how you pay homage to the regulars. πŸ˜‰

    May I ask what lens you used?

      • Oh that 500 remains in my dreams for now. I stand by my remark that Canon should hire you, or pay you for some images because if I could I’d have that lens thanks to you. πŸ˜‰

        • You are truly too my dreams I think. So much competition these days. Lots of retired guys with nothing to do on their hands and lots of money in the bank. It’s all they do – go out and do nature photography. I’m rare in the field..younger and a girl. πŸ™‚

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