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A Blue Heron

It was nice light this afternoon and I decided to spend some time by the water and hope for some nice Osprey shots. While I watched Zorro and Esperanza in their favorite tree way across the river I decided to find something closer to photograph. As I awaited […]

Peaceful at the Manor

There is something to be said about creating a peaceful and safe habitat for wildlife. Overtime, the birds at the manor are becoming more relaxed and enjoying the sanctuary. I’ve noticed that a Great Blue Heron has now been spending time on our docks, keeping an eye on […]

Earthly Heron Landing

I was all prepared to return to this week’s Duck Dynasty program with the wintering ducks on the Chesapeake Bay. But then a short series of images from today’s outing at Schoolhouse Pond in Upper Marlboro, Maryland shined through. While the morning started foggy and damp, midday cleared […]