All about Hoofbeats & Footprints

From Sand to Snow


The Traveler’s Lament

Why oh why did I leave the beach?

Only to travel through six states to arrive in the land of snow.

Perhaps it was to truly feel the Christmas spirit as it’s only two weeks away.

A magical snow land where anything is possible.


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    • Thanks Andy! The snow really didn’t stick, but you’ll appreciate this. While it was snowing this afternoon I was looking outside and saw a squirrel run really fast across the yard and up a tree.

      I first looked for a hawk, then lo and behold the FOX ran right in front of my window. Did I have my camera ?? NOPE !!

      Have no idea where he went and not enough snow to follow his tracks. Darn!!

  1. Ohh, love the gazing ball. Have a red one also.
    Ahhh, sand to snow. I loved visiting Illinois for christmas when I lived in Florida. I left my winter clothes at my parents.. flew up in flip flops to change to boots in the car ride from airport. Those were the days. …

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