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Falling into the category of having too much time on my hands, those that have been following me know about my beautiful Red Tailed Fox that lives in the neighborhood.

Try as I might, I just have not been able to get a gallery shot of him as his visits are fast and fleeting.


Enter the world of infrared and Trail Cam’s. Well known among hunters and naturalists, these hardy little boxes can be set up virtually anywhere in the outdoors and capture the world when it passes by.

Finally getting one and setting it up in the garden, I was anxious to see when the fox comes for a visit. What I found out though was quite a surprise.

I have yet to introduce to you a feral cat that I’ve been working with, which I fondly call Kit Kat. Kit Kat comes for breakfast and dinner, but typical teenage boy, he usually just eats and leaves. Come to find out, he’s been the number one customer at the Manor’s diner.

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Coming in for a close second as a visitor is a large racoon. About as big as a house, this coon has been having great fun.

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Not to be disappointed though. The fox..the elusive fox. First playing peek-a-boo.

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He finally decided to stay for a bit.

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Gotcha fox ! Ok, well maybe it isn’t the gallery shot that I wanted, but it is so awesome to be able to see him in his element. I can’t wait to set up the camera along pathways that I see traveled.

Of course, you know the first good snow that we get I’ll be certainly following those tracks to find his burrow. Maybe we’ll get lucky and there will be kits in the spring. Now how fun would that be?

Now dream of having a beautiful fur coat like him and stay warm these wintery days!

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    • You know there is. I set it in a different place and am waiting a few days to see if I get him during the daylight. After this, I’m going to take it to the barn where I know where a fox hole is. Who knows what I’ll find.

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