The Beach of Sanibel Island


The sun rather confused me on Sanibel Island, Florida. Visiting in early December, the sun is rather south in the horizon. Due to the positioning of the island, one can see both sunrise and sunset at the same place.

While the mornings are overcast, the clouds clear up by midday and the sunsets, while fleeting, are always spectacular.

The island is also special as the birds have few predators and are accustomed to their human visitors. Enjoying the beach along with us, these birds allowed me to walk within ten feet of them. Staying quietly and low, they would quickly pass just a few feet away from me while foraging for the next nibble.

While soaking up the sun, birds would come and go. Sometimes calling, sometimes coming closer for inspection. After the early morning dining frenzy, they begin to relax and rest on the sand.

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

Double Crested Cormorant

Double Crested Cormorant

A Pelican Tree

A Pelican Tree

I hope you’ve enjoyed your week holiday with me and alas, it’s time for us to begin donning our winter gear as I’m heading north while you read this.

Who knows, one of these Florida birds may drop in later and say hello.

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      • Panama, Emily. I may apply for a
        Retirado permanent visa, not sure yet. Certainly staying between the north and south tropic. No reason not to, and after a little while one gains a larger perspective on what America means, the Americas really. You and Robert have a wonderful Christmas too!

        • Panama? Now I didn’t see that coming. I heard it’s a great place for expats after Costa Rica. Set your hat there..who knows, maybe one day I’ll make it there for a visit.

          You know me, I am a Latin American girl at heart cuz of my mom from Bolivia. Anywhere Latin America is awesome in my book.

        • I didn’t see it coming either. Not until about two weeks before I came, anyway, but it was one place on my possibles list. For now I’m just staying in a hostel as a long term guest but thinking about an apartment. I’ll decide in January one way or the other. If not maybe Cost Rica.

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