Lunchtime at the Dam


At Conowingo Dam, it’s all about the Shad. This powerful dam across the Susquehanna River holds back the water’s power and harnesses it for energy for the surrounding area. Running the locks periodically to maintain water levels, the shad run through the dam and are knocked silly and float up to the surface, making easy pickings.

It is here the Bald eagles congregate. Well known for the bald eagle population, Conowingo Dam is now a famous place for wildlife photographers to congregate with their mega camera equipment to line up like the paparazzi.

It was to be a quiet morning as the locks were silent. A random eagle or two managed to find an easy fish, and one was clearly wanting no one to touch his fish.


Sitting high in the autumn tree, he screamed and screamed. “I’ve got a fish! Don’t touch my fish!” Busy worrying more about telling others that he got a fish, he should have spent more time eating it. As it didn’t take long for a black vulture to sneak in and try to grab a few bites.

Giving the vulture the evil eye, the eagle told him…”Don’t even think about it.”


But something else distracted the eagle and the vulture snuck in and grabbed a bite.


Realizing what was happening, the eagle flapped and screamed..chasing the vulture away.


But all this commotion did was call attention to yet another eagle, this one a younger one that came and swooped in and took over the dining spot.


Poor eagle, he really didn’t have a chance. Really should have been a quiet diner.

Oh the life at the dam.

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  1. You really are a wonder. Your ability to capture these amazing creatures is truly awe-inspiring. Every time I walk the Vancouver Seawall, I beg the seagulls to let me take their photo. The crows are a little more accommodating. And the geese – well, they are on their way, always in a hurry. It is gratifying that we walk this world with these remarkable friends… 🙂

    • You do make me smile Rebecca. Imagining seeing you along the seawall talking and pleading with the birds…Please…let me take your picture. Fun to watch wildlife no matter how it unfolds. Thanks my dear friend.

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