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Bald Eagles at the Dam

It’s wonderful to be back at Conowingo Dam and the season has been good. After last year when the dam was wide open for weeks on end due to flooding, and the eagles left because they couldn’t fish, it’s great to have them back. On my visit over […]

Sony A9 and Zebras

Zebras…seriously? I had no idea that wild animals are running around inside my newly acquired Sony A9, but yet there they are. What is a Sony Zebra you might ask? Well it is how Sony handles showing highlight alerts within the viewfinder. And of course, it isn’t nearly […]

It’s Eagle Season

Autumn is a favorite time of year for me as so much is going on. Beautiful fall colors and best of all, the arrival of the Bald Eagles at Conowingo Dam. With two of my photography classes being offered this week, of course I ‘had’ to get up […]

Eagle Season at Conowingo Dam

It’s been Bald Eagle season at Conowingo Dam on the Susquehanna River in Maryland. The past couple of years have been sparse with eagles, due to a variety of reasons. The first being that Conowingo Dam’s permit for operation had been suspended for some time while environmentalists argued […]

A Dam Shame at Conowingo

I landed early at Conowingo Dam this morning. With several Feathered Friends in tow, we hoped to capture some exciting bald eagle action along the water. By 7:30am, the parking lot was nearly full and the wildlife paparazzi were lined up along the fence line with their expensive […]

Lunchtime at the Dam

At Conowingo Dam, it’s all about the Shad. This powerful dam across the Susquehanna River holds back the water’s power and harnesses it for energy for the surrounding area. Running the locks periodically to maintain water levels, the shad run through the dam and are knocked silly and […]