It’s Eagle Season

Autumn is a favorite time of year for me as so much is going on. Beautiful fall colors and best of all, the arrival of the Bald Eagles at Conowingo Dam.

With two of my photography classes being offered this week, of course I ‘had’ to get up to the dam beforehand to get the lay of the land. More importantly, get a white-head count of the bald eagles that have arrived. I knew it was to be a foggy morning, and I love fog. Not so great for photographing bald eagles in flight, but wonderful atmosphere.

I had hoped the fog would clear by nine in the morning, but it was a thick as pea soup until nearly eleven in the morning. We all awaited for the fog to lift along the fence. Once in a while an eagle would fly by, and even though I knew the lighting was so wrong, I just couldn’t help myself.

At long last the fog lifted but for just a little while. It allowed me the opportunity to scan the power towers and the rocks across the river and do my best count of the eagles I could see. Many of the young ones blend into their environment, so it’s a challenge to get a complete count. And some eagles hide on the other side of the island. My rough count was to have 100 eagles present which is fantastic as the beginning of the week, there were few there. And the season hasn’t yet reached peak yet.

I’ll be back on Wednesday, and hopefully with better light. Can’t wait to spend lots of time at the dam and visit with my great photography friends I’ve made long the fence.

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    • Thank you so much Mark. I haven’t had a chance to work with the Olympus yet to see how it does there. Also I’m wondering if my AF is knocked out of wack as it’s not working right. I may need to send it in for service.

  1. Incredible! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to see 100 bald eagles all in one place on one day. Your photos are stunning, and I especially love the close one of the single bird in flight.

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