Jousting at Maryland Renn Fest


A cheery hello from the Maryland Renaissance festival that is held every year in Crownsville, Maryland. While the season is over, the jovial excitement remains.

One of the most exciting events is the jousting competition where knights from across the country come to the RennFest to compete.

Imagine, thundering hooves as the heavily armored knights ride towards each other, lances in hand.


Lances land, bowing and snapping with pieces flying through the air. Seasoned horsemen, the knights remain on their mounts to go for another round.

Only the best knight remains to be the greatest knight in the land.

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  1. Ha ha look at me commenting on time!! Lol…;)

    This a fun post! It reminds me that I’ve wanted to experience one of these Renaissance Festivals even if just once. The first picture you should sell to them for their brochure and or posters next year. I wonder what the horses are thinking? “What’s man. Can you believe we’re still doing this? I mean come one, really?” My other thought at seeing these images was about the training required to do this properly…lol…oh I can just imagine.

    Thanks for sharing! Why’s it look like it’s not so cold there?

      • Yes dress up!! Don’t get me started!

        No no no worries on replies, just as I’ve been absent from visits I’ve not been so good on my own blog with posting. Plus I’m trying to really get a handle on what I’m even doing. As you maybe saw before I did wind up giving up the Project 365 (perhaps I should have taken your suggestions many months ago), I felt I was just too far behind. I think I will stick to the occasional photo challenge until I’m more in the swing of things. So don’t worry. But thank you for thinking of me. 🙂

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