I feel like it’s been a week of missed opportunity. My little darling fox has only been showing glimpses of his presence in the garden and even this morning saw him trot by in the front driveway. Pretty much the only look I get of him is his beautiful tail, but what a tail it is.

I’m not the only one feeling like I’m missing something. Mr. Sharp Shinned Hawk showed up this morning at the feeders and left empty handed.


But in the meantime, all the little songbirds have been seizing the opportunity of plenty of fallen bird seed on the ground. Dark Eyed Juncos, and White Throated Sparrows flight back and forth under the brush. Scratching and pecking to their heart’s content.

Even the House Finches were having a good time.


Having been so busy lately getting ready for the holidays, I’m hoping that things are all in place to be able to sit back and then..begin to cook. The opportunity to spend time with family and friends stress free as all has been taken care of before hand will be the reward.

One not so happy thing is that I took my dear old mare – Remy Martin – over the the veterinarian last week for a long-term resort stay. She’s got an upset tummy that just won’t quit. Twenty-four years old, I think old age has finally caught up with her. I’m missing her dearly but know she’s in good care. I’m praying for a positive outcome for her and that she’ll be back to her ‘ready-to-run’ old self. Only time will tell.

We have had so much fun together, and she has taught me so much. Finally after nine years of working with her, she’s been the perfect trail partner, companion and therapist. Let’s all say a prayer for dear Remy so that she may recover and come home soon.


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  1. Aw Emily, I so feel for you with your dear Remy. Some truly do become our “perfect trail partner, companion and therapist.” I am praying for your sweet mare this night and the nights to come, and may she come home to you very, very soon. <3's to you, dear friend. xo

    • I think all of the well wishes have helped. I spoke with the vet on Thursday and they said she is getting better. I’ve been busy the past two days and couldn’t check in. I do know that no news is good news. Hugs!

  2. So sorry to hear about Remy Martin not being well and I’ll definitely be praying for her for a quick recovery and for you two to be reunited very soon. I have to say I simply love that picture of you two together: you look so happy! Big hug and lots of love. πŸ™‚

  3. Lovely visitors Emily. So sad to read that Remy isn’t well – here’s hoping that she comes home soon. She’s a gorgeous riding mate.

  4. TONS of prayers for the gorgeous, sweet Remy. OUR Revy escaped last week and hurt herself β€” so there are 2 big girls on the mend right now… XO!!

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