What Will You Discover?


“What Will You Discover?” Is the calling of Luray Caverns and Museums, located in Luray, Virginia on the outskirts of Shenandoah National Park.

This natural and historical place boasts of past life in the Shenandoah Valley and mysterious caverns below the earth’s surface. Many visitors that come to see the caverns miss the wonderful opportunity of viewing the additional museums on the property. Including the Luray Valley Museum which shares the pioneer life in early Virginia.


Boasting seven acres, this museum portrays a 19th century farming community. Including a school, blacksmith shop, church and additional buildings, one can walk in the past to a simple life. Perhaps even searching through the bag of dirt in hopes of some gold dust.


The museum is well thought out with authentic buildings preserved from the late 1800’s and are well maintained for generations to come.

Inside the Luray Valley Museum, artifacts are on display from early Native American life to the 1920’s and a pioneer’s life. The attention to detail in the quality and quantity of items on display make this museum unique. From a time when things weren’t preserved, the Luray Valley Museum has done a wonderful job retrieving and preserving the past.

If you ever find yourself in Shenandoah National Park, find some time to get out to Luray Caverns. It’s well worth it, and a wonderful side trip to the mountains.


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  1. I’ve just added this museum to our bucket list of places to visit! Thank you for the photos and information that made me want to jump in the car and “get there”!

    • Beeseeker – you know I messed up yesterday and confused you with another blogger -Andy. I tried to find your real name on your blog wasn’t very good at it. So, allow me to apologize for my faux paux.

      Thank you so very much for your thoughtful comment on this post. I truly do appreciate it. Emily

  2. That looks like a cool place and well-preserved indeed. The wonderful pops of color are perfect additions to the photos. The first one with all the pumpkins (and squash) appeal to me especially. I like the gray one and the watermelon like melon…? Super fun. 🙂

    • Ok, confession time, the gray one really should have been more white. Had a processing oh-oops there, but it works. Loved this museum and had so much nostalgia. Could have spent a bit of time there it there wasn’t 30+mph winds going on with rain. LOL!

      • Oh wind! Not always fun with a camera, especially not if it’s cold and/or windy.

        Ha ha, that’s cool that it turned out like that. I wondered if it was a real pumpkin but I liked it for its originality nonetheless. I think it can be tough with photography sometimes to know when to let things be completely natural or when to tweak them into something else. Sometimes it is the bane of my existence…(well that’s a wee bit dramatic…;))

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