Blame it on the Bambi’s

Lately I’ve been keeping my fancy camera and big lens in the trunk of my car. I was starting to second guess my folly and thought perhaps I should keep it at home and only bring it when I knew I was going out for a birding excursion. However laziness kicked in and the camera remained.

Heading over to the barn today, I sped along the windy country roads it was lightly raining as I passed a beautiful green field. As high as a belly, the wheat grew and nearly hid five deer from my sight.

I zipped into a hidden abandoned driveway. Pulling out my camouflage long sleeve shirt and cap along with my big lens and camera kit. The only thing I was missing was a good pair of pants so didn’t dare walk into the tall grass myself. The last thing I needed was more tick bites after this last Saturday’s excursion where four deer ticks decided to come home with me.


It was unusual for the deer to be out mid-day, but the rain had them a bit confused. But this group of deer weren’t the only ones out along the country drive. A young teenage couple were grazing along the road. Blame it on the deer. I had to hit the brakes and put my blinkers on and used the car as a blind. They had come along the road to get a drink of water.



A couple of loud trucks passed and they went on high alert. “Hey..what’s that?” Then the girl looked at me. “Hey…who’s that? I don’t know, but let’s get out of here!!”

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The Bambi’s totally derailed me from my journey to the barn. But what a wonderful distraction they were.

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  1. It is a bad year for ticks. The last I had them was when I was a kid and this year have already been bit twice and keep bringing them home too. I have been seeing more deer too this year. Great captures of Bambi and friends.

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