Barns along Polling Station Road

Drive along with me on a windy country road. Polling Station Road in Harwood, Maryland offers views of a variety of country barns. Most of them from a past era of tobacco farming in southern Maryland and stand in the landscape of brilliant green corn fields and golden hues of wheat. Some of them are beautiful dressed in barn red.

While others are rejoicing in their natural weathered tone.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation listed the Tobacco barns in southern Maryland one of the 11 most Endangered Historic Places in the country. In 2001, Maryland offered a buyout program to Tobacco farmers to discontinue growing tobacco. Since that time, these barns have become neglected and the passage of time is beginning to reclaim these relics. A conservation program was created after 2004 to help preserve these barns.

Tobacco barns are built differently than other barns. They are compartmentalized and built to hold weight while farming barns are built for holding large equipment under shelter.

It is hard to pick a favorite out of all the barns from this morning. Would love to know which one is yours. Bella

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  1. I never knew there were two types of barns until you mentioned here πŸ™‚ there’s something about the barns being reclaimed by the land πŸ™‚

  2. Terrific scenes Em!
    Now you have given me an idea,I really should try to get off the beach someday and check out some of the old tobacco barns here in SC.

  3. You live in “barn country!” Everyone of these photos is an iconic memory of the legacy that has been passed down through generations.Beautiful Emily.

  4. Lovely pictures! I’ve always had irrational fantasies of sleeping over in abandoned barns and cottages whilst traveling as a wandering scholar. My favorite would be 2075 – quite a fan of the painterly look.

    • Now that sounds like a wonderful idea. Think about all those old westerns where wayward travelers would stay in a barn. Thank you so much for your photo feedback. I love to hear what people like.

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