You’re not my parents!

Some stories you just can’t make up. Remember Mama and Papa Goose who had their eggs drowned in the last heavy storm surge? Well, they are starting a new roosting site. This time on higher ground.

In the meantime, a new goose family showed up today with four babies in tow. At dinner time, each family come up for their turn at the corn feeder. First the Goose Family showed up. They started heading back towards the water, leaving one of their babies behind.


Mama & Papa Goose showed up and I was out by then to capture the baby fledgling. He immediately thought they were his parents and started to follow them. They actually got a bit scared of him and tried to hiss and peck him away.


I tried my hardest to get between the baby and Mama & Papa Goose, but it wasn’t happening. He kept chasing them towards the water, Mama & Papa running fast.

Finally reaching their new roosting site, I was able to cut off the baby. At last his real mom started to cry out, and he desperately was trying to find him. Little as he was, he couldn’t see over the grass. Carefully herding him towards his mom, I was able to rejoin the happy family.


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  1. Sweet story, you are a hero, Emily! I just saw a cat giving milk to newborn ducklings on TV, MILK!, so if you didn’t succeed the first mission, you could have been the mother.. 😉

    • Ok you would laugh..I had a chair set up near a walkway by the dock. I didn’t know exactly where the new nesting site was. I went to go and sit in said chair, and Mama & Papa Goose came running over to attack me. I had to get the chair and use it like a lion tamer does so they wouldn’t get me.

      They’re used to me so get about 5 feet away just making noise. The other parents didn’t seem to care at all. Silly Geese

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