Mr. Anteater

Giant Anteater

Giant Anteater

“Mr Anteater”

Hello Mr. Anteater
And how are you today?

I saw you over there
Just going about your day.

You have a sticky tongue
Just made for eating ants
You snuff into their homes
And scare them out their pants.

Your claws are long and sharp
Just right for lots of digging
You can burrow in the ground
With your bushy tail a wriggling.

So hello Mr. Anteater
And how are you today?
Busy finding food I see
Whilst your cubs run round and play.

Β©2002 Gareth Lancaster


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  1. Super cute poem, very fitting for your picture, and I like how straight on you have it. When I interned at the zoo sometimes we’d put the anteater’s food in our hand and feed her through the cage. She’d had to get it out with her tongue as we’d close out fist, it was such a weird feelings. But they are really cool creatures, pretty big too, relatively speaking. Great shot!


      • Oh it was sticky and so so fun. I’d never really paid them too much attention but being so close I gained a lot more appreciation. I think they’re actually really beautiful creatures. Thanks for reminding me!


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