A Successful Sunday

Lesser Scaup

Lesser Scaup

Today was my first official workshop day with the newly founded meetup group Feathered Friends. This was a two part workshop, starting at my favorite local park – Kinder Farm in search for birds. It was cold, it was windy, and the birds were pretty much non existent. We did find two Downy Woodpeckers that were playing with each other that was great fun to work with.

Following, we returned to my home to conduct a session on post-processing with Lightroom. All in all it was a great day and I think the workshops went well. By the time we had wrapped up, I was starting to get the itch to photograph some birds. Luckily for me, a pair of Lesser Scaups showed up at my dock, and I was able to capture a few images of them.

A big trip is just around the corner for me, and I’ve been keeping it under the wraps. You see, I’m heading to the Galapagos Islands in the end of March, and I can hardly wait! Although coming from the frigid temperatures, to the hot, humid climate of the equator is going to be quite a shock for my body.

Yep, turtles and boobies are in the near future for me. While on the ship, I’ll be off the grid so won’t be able to update you while I’m out in the field, but believe me there will be plenty to share when I return.

Spring and summer is just around the corner, here’s hoping you’re starting to scheme some fantastic getaways as well. Bella

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  1. GALAPAGOS ISLANDS!!! What a wonderful experience that’s going to be – I look forward to seeing all your captures and reading all your experiences! 🙂

    • Thanks Sylvia! Believe it or not, this will be a bonus trip as I’ll be unplugged while on the cruise ship. I did rent a satellite phone so that I can call home. Can’t wait to share my adventures when I return.

  2. How awesome to be going to the Galapagos. I cannot wait to hear and “see” all about it when you get back. And thanks for the info on CBEC yesterday afternoon. We struck out on the owl but got views of a couple Brown-Headed Nuthatches just as we were leaving the preserve. Got lovely sunset views on the Bridge too. Great day altogether.

  3. Nice capture of the Scaup, as always I love the iridescence of its head!

    OH MY…the Galapagos!!!!!!! That’s awesome. You are going to get some amazing images I just know it, oh and that’s going to be a fantastic trip no doubt.

    Cheers to all of that!!!
    (The idea of a Feathered Friends group sounds great too!)

    • Can you believe I’ve been waiting so long for this trip? Now that it’s next week I can’t believe that I’m actually going. Already half-packed due to so much gear needed. Now all I need is a bathing suit, t-shirt and shorts. 🙂 neither on the typing thing.

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