2013 Project 365

Project 365/225 – Still Blooming

The day was becoming long, and after giving two horses some desperately needed baths, I must admit going out and taking some photos for today was a bit challenging.

But thanks to all of you wonderful readers, just knowing that you’re out there hoping to see something pretty got me outside. Living in a truly wonderful and intriguing place Surely something will pop up to photograph.

As there are tons of birds in the yard this afternoon, I vowed to ignore them and removed my ‘baby.’ The 500mm lens, in exchange for my walkabaout 24-105mm lens. It’s time to think differently.

I tried to coax Tuxedo to become a boat cat like Baily Boat Cat, and put him inside one of our boats. I was hoping he’d pose nicely for me. Of course, Tuxedo would have nothing to do with the boat and hauled butt as quickly off the boat as possible. Sigh..cat models.

untitled shoot-8019

As much as I wanted to chase birds, it was time to try to shoot something else. So I went back up to the house and pulled out the 100mm Macro lens. Do I bother with the tripod so I can get some crip shots? Heck no ! Let’s put the focus mode on AI Servo and rapid fire and see if anything comes out.

It was quite overcast, so I went the lazy girl’s way of photography. Auto white balance, Auto ISO, Aperture Priority. At least the garden didn’t disappoint. Flowers are still abloom at the manor.

But wouldn’t you know..as I have the macro lens on. A couple of cute boats floated by.
untitled shoot-8044

So photographer’s lament. Find the subject you’re going to shoot and keep with it. Try to not get distracted.

My second photographer’s lament – DUST !! OMG ! I am so sick of DUST on my sensor. I’ve been battling for the past year and a half with dust inside my camera. I don’t change my lenses often, but my camera kit is exposed to dirt and dust nearly every day.

One thing I realized, the times that I change the lens in the car, the car is usually running. Oh duh…the A/C or heat fan is blowing dust. Now I turn off the car to reduce dust entering into the sensor.

The second problem I had was finding a way to clean the sensor. I love to use microfiber cloths, but finally realized that they were creating the problem, not fixing it. I finally ended up purchasing some Zeiss pre-moistened Lens Cloth WipesΒ at Walmart. Voila ! They worked beautifully.

I saw some specks on my photos tonight, so time to clean again.

Hope you have a lovely week and stay tuned, some exciting events are about to begin in my area. Fun all around for all of us. Bella


One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.

Tony Robbins

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  1. Wonderful shots. This time of the year my macro lens is my lens of choice–there are so many flowers and insects to photograph. For variety, I went out recently with my longest zoom and, sure enough, ran into subjects when I wish I had the macro on my camera. That’s the “joy” we have all experienced.

  2. You’ve stolen my method of macro shots! Up until the last two weeks, I never used a tripod, but shot just the way that you describe. So, why are your photos better?

    I’m surprised that I haven’t had to clean the sensor yet. I had a scare yesterday, I was changing lenses in my vehicle, with the windows down, and had just removed the long telephoto to switch to my wide angle. Right at the worst time, a swarm of insects filled my Subaru. I managed to keep them out of everything from the looks of it.

    BTW, don’t try cleaning a sensor with WD 40, some one told me that it doesn’t work very well. πŸ˜‰

    • You do make me laugh so much…NOPE ! No spray of any kind allowed near the camera equipment anytime now. Envisioning the scene with you and a car full of bugs is pretty comical. But what a nightmare. Were they deer flies?

      Um…the photo difference? Perhaps composition. I do crop also to really get into the flower. Also the angle of the shot – I never shoot from top down. Good luck!

      • I would have been happier with deer flies, they’re large and easy to see, they were small crane flies that could have crawled or flown into parts of my camera and I’d never get them out.

        I think that it’s the post processing that you do, if any. Maybe the lens you use is slightly sharper and better overall as well.

        You know that I am working to get my photos to look as good as yours, don’t you?

        • πŸ™‚ So happy I’m able to set the bar for you. There are so many photographers out there that have set the bar for me ten-fold. Can’t remember – are you shooting in RAW now? If so, those photos must be processed as the name says..the file is raw. Lightroom makes it really easy to do, and minor exposure, contrast and clarity can be added without altering the original image too much. I’ve seen great work with the simplest of cameras, even iPhoneography can blow me away. So keep at it, I’m already seeing a huge difference in your work. πŸ™‚

          Oh..with the flies…eeh gads..don’t know what I would do if we had crane flies. That’s about as bad as no-seeums.

        • Thanks, I follow 5 or 6 photographer’s blogs whose work I admire, and who shoot about the same subjects as I do. Some would call it competitive on my part, but I see it this way. If some one else can do it, so can I.

          I don’t shoot RAW yet, my old laptop doesn’t have the hard drive space left for large file size, maybe someday.

          I don’t have Lightroom, or any other editing software, other than what came with the camera.I did tweak a few of the early shots from the 60 D, just one day’s photos that came out poor for some reason. Other than cropping, everything is the way that it has come out of the camera. I am one of those nature photography “purists”. πŸ˜‰

          The increase in the quality of my photos is due to two things. The 70-200 mm L series is getting broken in, for one. That sounds funny, but I wasn’t that happy with that lens at first. The more that I have used it, the better that it works. I think that the focusing mechanism was too tight from the factory, and it’s loosened up with use. The auto focus is more accurate, and faster now than when I first got it.

          The second reason is that the 60 D is such a logical camera, A + B = C, every shot. Not at all like my old Nikon. Anyway, I am learning what the settings “A” and “B” have to be to get great photos. If a photo doesn’t come out well, I can look at it and see why that is so, and figure out the adjustments needed so that the next time I am confronted with a similar situation, I do get good photos.

  3. Beautiful macro photos, and I love the cat. He looks so regal. Blessings from Isabella [Izzy] Rose β™₯

  4. Beautiful photos once again!
    I keep thinking about you giving the horses a bath… that sounds very challenging! My dogs always tried escaping, how is it with horses?

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