2013 Project 365

Finding and Maintaining Your Motivation as a Photographer

In the beginning of the year, I committed to a Project 365 for my photography. Not realizing just how big of a task I had enlisted myself for, I must admit I’ve been enjoying the journey.

How do I manage to keep producing daily so that I can share my world with you? Well, this week you can have a rare opportunity to participate in a free Webinair hosted by PhotoCoach Pro and its sponsored meetup group “Shutterbug Excursions.”

Being held on Tuesday night, myself and two other photographers that truly enjoy their photography niche and keep shooting regularly will be interviewed by Lynford Morton, Phototour DC.

You can join me and all of the Shutterbug members through the following weblink. It’s free, so why not join in? You can ask us questions and hear from a superb photo coach.

Photocoach Pro & Shutterbug Excursions Webinair

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time USA.

Hope to hear you there and keep shooting ! Bella Remy Photography, Emily Mitchell

Emily WWPW

Photo courtesy of Lynford Morton – Phototour DC

In support of this webinar, you can get a sneak preview of my work and some of my motivation by this fantastic introduction post provided by Leanne Cole Photography

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  1. Yah, how do you do it. In a quiet way, without making a solid resolution, I aim to post for one year. Then I want to cease and decease. You look good, Ms. Emily. Must be all the fun you are getting. I take a peek in this site.

    • Absolutely you can. I’m not sure what time it’ll be for you as it’s 7pm EST in the US. It may be in the middle of the night for you. It’s on the internet, and the system will send you log in information the same day of the webinair. that would be awesome to have you there.

    • Isn’t she just the sweetest person ever? Have you heard of Leanne before? I would love to hear you tomorrow night, but completely understand. Most of the time he records them and provides it to registrant to hear later on. 🙂

  2. Lovely post and to see your smiling face – while the blog/readers were full of encouragement, you still had to get up and go. So here’s to YOU and your dedication, discipline, talented eye for what works, and your great writings behind all your fabulous posts!!! Best wishes on the webinar!

    • Thank you so much Mary. Must admit, I’m getting nervous already. You know me..I try to keep a low profile, so for me to post a photo of myself is a big deal. I truly do appreciate all of your support and friendship.

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