2013 Project 365

Project 365/189 – A Night at the Carnival


You know it’s summer time when it’s 90 degrees in the early evening but the local fire company has their annual carnival. Families and children of all ages come to play in spite of the warm evening. Bright, happy faces abound. With rides for the littlest ones, up to the bravest ones.

The simplest pleasures are found, like this little darling girl chasing bubbles.


Or getting onto the Mad Tea Cup ride all by yourself and spinning yourself as fast as possible.


The whole family can ride together and enjoy the calming sway of a carnival ride.

EHFCCarnival10jul13-3790Or spin like a top and get plastered to the wall.

EHFCCarnival10jul13-3791_HDRYou can even take your new pet lizard for a carousel ride.


Oh the sights and sounds of a local carnival. Where children can run and play safely. Days that we all remember and treasure. Of course the night was complete with a draft beer and some funnel cake.

Enjoy some more visions of the carnival. Hope you get out to play this weekend too. Bella







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  1. Ahhh yes, the summer carnival. We used to have one in our neighbourhood every summer when we’d gather our pennies nickles and dimes and follow the smell of cotton candy and popcorn and the sound of the carrousel.

  2. Oh I haven’t been to a carnival since my kids have grown! I’m going to have to find one this summer. Certainly made for some wonderful photos…these just put a smile on my face! Fabulous!

    • I would think you would relate to the boy. He was mesmerized by his lizard throughout the entire carousel ride. He was so proud of his lizard that it made it through the trip. It was priceless. 🙂

  3. excellent excellent photos! You have captured all the noise and excitement …you can’t beat a fair!

    • The bubble magic moment was truly priceless. Her mother was watching and I had forgotten my business cards. I wish I could share that image with her. Horses are awesome, although they need a paint job from several years ago.

  4. A great series of colourful images. the essence of summer. Blessings from Isabella [ex Lizzie Joy]

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