2013 Project 365

Project 365/166 – I Spy

untitled shoot-0217-Edit-2

I Spy, along the way to the horse farm, this beautiful red barn set in the evergreens next to a freshly plowed field. But oh my ! What is it that catches my eye across the road? In the large open field. A beautiful doe with not one, but three fawns. With all of their spots.

untitled shoot-0206

Happy that I remembered to grab my new Canon 5D Mark III with the 24-105mm L Lens. I was thrilled that I had a camera, but was really missing my long lens. But with the full frame format, and 61-point focusing, the image held up to some heavy cropping. As soon as she saw me, she began to quickly walk to the woods, with her three lovely fawns following closeby.

But the day was not complete with doing some I Spying in my garden. Sometimes the color doesn’t come from flowers, but from the plants themselves.

Couldn’t help myself, but these two flowers were screaming at me to take their picture. So I Spy indeed.



Mexican Hat

Mexican Hat

For those that have been following the story of Mother Goose and her eggs. Yesterday, she showed up for breakfast up at the house. I feed her some corn and watched her quickly run back to her nest. This morning, Father Goose honked at me as the corn was gone and he wanted breakfast. I went out and saw Mother Goose with him. So a nice Holiday Inn breakfast was served.

But then they left….the nest abandoned…the eggs gone. Who knows where to. Not even a piece of shell is around. I thought they had given me their final goodbyes.

However, this is the Holiday Inn for geese anyway, and they returned for dinner. Mother Goose with a strong appetite. I’m glad she is well and wonder what she thinks about her bad eggs.


The marvelous richness of human experience would lose something of rewarding joy if there were no limitations to overcome. The hilltop hour would not be half so wonderful if there were no dark valleys to traverse.

Helen Keller

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  1. You’ll soon need a vehicle devoted to nothing but hauling all your camera gear around with you! But, the quality of your photos show that it is in good hands that know how to make use of it.

    You now have guest geese for life, and soon, they’ll be inviting friends over to share the bounty.

    • LOL ! You are funny Jerry. Either that or a Sherpa. Actually, I’ve got the old equipment on the market to sell. As for the geese, it’s like that Farah Fawcett commercial. One friend tells two friends, two friends tell four friends….

  2. I think this is why I want an 18-300 to save either forgetting one or losing a moment due to changing them. lovely photographs. I have has some yellow roses bloom that deserve a piccie. 🙂

    • I started with a 18-200 lens and I loved the versatility of the lens. What I didn’t like was the poor quality of the images. The second answer is to have two bodies already set up. Most times there is plenty of time to switch lenses though. Would love to see your roses!

  3. I love the doe and her fawn: so magical to see them, and not 1, not 2, but 3!!! When we lived in Dorset, we used to go to the New Forest for long walks every Sunday and the icing on the cake was always to see these wonderful creatures.
    So sorry about Mr and Mrs Goose and their infertile eggs, though. I hope they’re a bit like us and say: “At least we tried, but it’s now time to move on”.

    • Have no idea how I missed this comment Fatima. I’m sorry..I agree ! 3 fawns are pretty awesome. Do you have different deer in Dorset? Ours are white-tail deer.
      The goose couple seem to have adjusted just fine and she comes and visits to get feed nearly every day now. Perhaps next year they’ll have a family.

  4. Beautiful photographs! How lovely to have seen the Doe and her Fawns! You must have been on cloud nine… I always feel that way when I manage to capture something totally unexpected! 🙂

    P.S. Your print arrived this morning! It is absolutely stunning, I love it! Thank you so very much 😀

    • Oh so happy the print arrived safe and sound. I ended up boosting the color on the image, so I’m thrilled that you like it. Three fawns – so special. I am now on the lookout for them for a second look.

  5. Great spy work you did I must say, I would like to know what happened to the geese eggs. Darn it, all that waiting. Hmmm… I never thought Lamb’s ear looks rugged in macro.

  6. Fabulous shots! Lucky you for those beautiful fawns are a wonderful find ~ can’t ignore your gorgeous florals! Exciting to see the direction of your work.

  7. Awesome that your MKIII is working out for you. The doe and fawns certainly turned out really well. I figure I’m going to have to join the local gym after my vacation to build some muscles for my comparatively light system.

      • That’s good to hear, they are pretty quick, I hope to not spend that money in England, and if I do I’ll take it out of my August social security check, somewhere around the 10th. I’ll be able to pick up the 17-40 L or 10-22 EF-S around Sept as I will have all but a few hundred $ as a credit on Amazon. that will complete my lenses, I hope! I am impressed with the quality of the MK3, opening that photo to max. No way I want to spend that kind of money though. I’m pleased with how well my 60D responds to the 24-105, I thought it was the camera and all along it was my lower priced but supposedly good Canon lenses. I can see the difference, quite easily.

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