2013 Project 365

Project 365/146 – Memorial Day Bay Cruise

Come with me, down the Magothy River that leads to the Chesapeake Bay. Starting around the bend from the manor, stands high on a piling an Osprey nest. The teenager osprey screaming at their parents to feed them. A parent close by with a fresh fish, waiting for the photo paparazzi to leave so that they could deliver dinner.



Kayakers looked on, hoping to watch the dinner delivery.


Sitting at the end of a dock were two men apparently crabbing, Maryland style. One of them brought a crab pot in, looked at the emptiness and promptly put it back in the water.

mm27may13-5017An unusual sight was seen on the Magothy River. Not only were the police busy policing the boat traffic for the Memorial Day holiday, this coast guard vessel was standing guard. Built in 1961 in Jacksonville, Florida, this ice breaking vessel named The chock is now stationed in Baltimore for law enforcement, safety patrols, and ice breaking.


We trolled up Cockey’s Creek in hope to find some birds. Other than some barn and north rough winged swallows, a few purple martins, we enjoyed this Great Blue Heron.

mm27may13-5076Classic Norman Rockwell scenes on the Chesapeake Bay were enjoyed. This Lab couldn’t wait to get out on the boat.

mm27may13-5046-Edit-Edit-EditAnd nothing screams Americana more than a boy fishing.


Even men standing mid-water hoping to catch something good.


And the boaters were out in droves, all in a line heading out the river to bigger waters.

It was a wonderful day to be out on the water and beat the crowds. We headed back in before the bay became too busy with boat traffic. Hope you’ve had wonderful Memorial Day as well.

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  1. excellent story…and I do like the boy fishing, beautifully taken and I love the selenium tone. It is great to see wild birds…every morning on my way to work I see a heron fishing for his breakfast in the river Wharfe as I pass by – a great way to start the day

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