Foot Prints

I’m a Magician !

With my camera that is. Recently attending a photo workshop at the Washington National Cathedral, there were a few things that I learned that are simply magical.

First, when taking photographs of a building – KEEP THE CAMERA STRAIGHT ! You may need to walk quite a bit away from the structure, but so long as you keep your camera straight, the building will also look straight.

Tilting your camera up to try to get the building into your frame creates a warped structure that seems like it’s on some illegal drug.

Of course, with today’s new tilt-shift lenses, you can advert this building warp. However, since taking tons of photos of buildings is not my thing, I don’t it’s worth the investment for my shooting. I’ll let my feet do the walking for me to keep the camera straight.

My best trick?

Making people disappear !

Did you know that with a very slow shutter speed, people disappear and just the frozen building structure remains. A super trick when you’re out in high tourist areas when you want to capture a beautiful structure without people. Of course, a tripod is required.

The settings for the photo below are ISO 100, f/18, with 30 seconds. My friend walked back and forth across the frame six times. Voila ! He has disappeared!


So go forth and try these new tricks. You too can be a magician!

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  1. Very interesting, especially the advice re long shutter speeds. I need to remember that. As to buildings being warped if you tilt your camera upwards: that sometimes cannot be avoided as in some places you simply can’t walk away far enough. Bit that can easily be corrected later on the computer. For that, I use ACDSee [5.0], which makes that absolutely easy.
    Best regards,

      • You’re welcome. I like the programme a lot, as it’s perfectly suited to my (limited) purposes, and much easier to handle than Photshop. Besides the fact that it is much cheaper than PS. About $90, I think. And that’s what I can afford.

  2. What great advice!! My buildings always look weird because I do tilt the camera up. Amazing, too, that you can remove people. I’ve wasted loads of photos because there was a stray person or two on them. Thank you. I’ll save this info in my favourites for future reference.

  3. Fabulous! But what if you want a crazy drug-induced warped building? Visit Barcelona?

    I haven’t tried altering the shutter speeds to remove people from images yet… But that’s great to see it worked so beautifully!

  4. These are some very interesting tricks! I want to try that making people disappear one! I am going to need a tripod, though. . . Hm. . . maybe I can try something else, like putting the camera on a stable thing. I will try, but thanks for sharing the info! ^_^

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