Pink Everywhere

Spring fever has hit and what better way to revel in the glory of Spring then to go and visit the Cherry Blossoms along the Tidal Basin in Washington D.C.

Keeping a close eye on the bloom report, this week provided the sweet spot to go and capture them at their best. There is one very fortunate soul – Dmitrii Lezine that I’ve met here at WordPress that is able to drive by them every day and stop and photograph them at various times and lighting conditions. (Yes…I am very jealous!)

Parking along Ohio Drive in the East Potomac Park / Haines Point, the walk is short to the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial. Since it was a cloudy day, the equipment I took with me was my new Canon 7D, a Canon 24-105mm f/4.0 IS USM lens, a Manfrotto 290 tripod, and a Singh Ray Galen Rowell Neutral Density 3G-SS Filter.

The day was full of visitors from all over the world. We spoke to several couples that had driven nearly three hours one way just to enjoy the day of the blossoms. Families were picnicking under the snow fall of cherry blossom petals, but the star of the day was an absolutely darling Chihuahua named Queen Isabella.

Dear Isabella is truly loved by her mom who had her dressed to a T, with an elegant southern lass gown including lace and bling. Isabella even had fancy sunglasses, a darling hat, and a crystal necklace. Spoiled to the upmost, Isabella is carried around while high styling. This dog actually owns far more dresses than I do – a total of 60 gowns! Her mom lovingly makes them for her after finding that a Canadian seamstress was starting to become an expensive habit.

But I couldn’t let this High Fashion Chihuahua upstage the Cherry Blossoms along the Basin. After all, this was their 100th birthday celebration of when Two Yoshino Cherry Trees were planted along the Tidal Basin by First Lady Helen Taft, and the wife of the Japanese Ambassador Viscountess Chinda.

On my visit in 2011 for the sunrise at the Basin, I was able to capture this bride along one of the oldest Cherry trees on the Basin. It was quite chilly that morning, and this bride was there for her wedding photos, with no thermal wear. Brrrr….

The rest of the day was spent in glorifying these beautiful trees with their quickly passing majesty. There couldn’t have been a better day than being able to slow down and literally smell the flowers.

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  1. They smell wonderful too. I used to drive in to work in DC and, as I passed over on 14th street (after the bridge, right over Maine), a scent not unlike cherry SweeTarts would waft into the car. Did you capture any traditional post-card shots of the blossoms framing the Jefferson across the Basin? Those are always my favorite to take 😉

    • It’s funny, I hadn’t realized their sweet smell last year when I went the first time but most certainly did on this visit. On this visit, I didn’t go on the other side of the basin, but plan to on this next visit.

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