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Ice Ice Bay

The long term below freezing temperatures has caused the Chesapeake Bay to be filled with ice. It is a rather unusual for the bay to be iced covered and hubby doesn’t remember the bay being frozen like this since 1976. The wildlife have been looking for open patches […]

Going on a Lark

The past couple of days have been a bit crazy, but today certainly made up for it. Meeting with two girlfriends, we headed out to the eastern shore of Maryland, all for a Lark. The temperature gauge on the car read 3 degrees when we were nearing our […]


  Youth is seen as everything. You don’t know anything when you’re young. It’s great being older, just having a more balanced perspective. I wake up and realise that what seemed to be important last year no longer is. I’m increasingly grateful for every day. Val Kilmer

Swan Fight

This morning was my first official meetup group with my Feathered Friends Photography Meetup. One brave soul decided to come out, wind, sleet or snow. He had voiced an interest in locating Tundra Swans, and this is one bird I knew where to find a large flock. The […]

Feeding Frenzy

It was a feeding frenzy in the garden today. Seems the holly berries are finally perfectly ripe. The Cedar Waxwings have been watching the bushes for several weeks now and began hitting the bush hard today. Along with Robins and Bluebirds and one solitary Hermit Thrush. Popular was […]