Feeding Frenzy

It was a feeding frenzy in the garden today. Seems the holly berries are finally perfectly ripe. The Cedar Waxwings have been watching the bushes for several weeks now and began hitting the bush hard today. Along with Robins and Bluebirds and one solitary Hermit Thrush.

Popular was also the heated birdbath. What a fun day to stay home and bird. Got to practice with my camera a lot due to the tough lighting conditions.

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  1. How very beautiful! That Cedar Waxwing is simply stunning. Funny enough, this weekend in GB, we are holding a Big Garden Birdwatch, in which we have to watch our garden for a whole hour and record how many birds of each family we see. I did mine earlier on: a lovely way to spend an hour on a wet and cold Sunday morning. My only disappointment was that our beautiful Greenfinch didn’t show up today, but the Robins and Blue Tits did!

  2. These are really beautiful. The colors of the birds you were able to capture stand out so nicely. I’ve always thought Waxwings were beautiful and I think you highlighted them here. Sure wouldn’t think you ever had a Polar Vortex! We’re still getting a bit of a winter storm here though not nearly as crazy.

    Great birding session!

      • Oh man, we’re back to snow, snow, wind, snow, cold, wind, snow…you get it. Did some decent shoveling today because I had to.

        I think Saturday was actually the say I saw the first Flicker I’ve ever seen around this neighborhood and anywhere in a long time. Unfortunately I was trying to catch squirrels digging for stale cereal in the snow and hiding out in a stack of pallets when I turned and saw it flying away.

        Sounds like the birds were getting what they could while they could, lucky you. Makes me realize this spring I need to put more effort into attracting more birds to my yard. I’ve got House Sparrows in abundance outside of a pair of Cardinals they’re my regulars. Ya know I saw the Downy Woodpecker the say I saw the Flicker too, who also hasn’t been too common around here.

        Oh my! And you just made me remember… a week maybe two ago I heard this beautiful repetitive song as I walked my dog (ah it was near the end of the Arctic/Polar Vortex). I’m a new wanna-be birder (like I think I said before, I used to when I was a young girl and loved it!) so the song stuck out real bad, wasn’t used to hearing it. I stopped and scanned the nearby trees and bushes for the source of this song I don’t usually hear. Lady across the street shoveling seemed to wonder what I was doing. As I look on Google now I really think it was a Carolina Wren.

        You’ve definitely inspired me to get back on the birding train and get better at this craft. Thank you!! (No 365 for me today, still gonna do it but not get too hung up, though I did get 6,000 words for the week)

        Nice talking to you, stay warm and keep up the great photography.

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