Snow Day at the Barn


Chang Tzu – Horses have hooves to carry them over frost and snow; hair to protect them from wind and cold. They eat grass and drink water, and fling up their heels… Such is the real nature of the horse

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  1. Jealous! Wow, these are fabulous. I love the two coming in and, okay I love them all. You no doubt were smiling taking these pictures. The quote you included at the bottom is perfect as it embodies what we’re looking at in your images. So cool, thank you!

    Stay warm! (We’re back to 10 degrees today and 0 tonight!)

    • I was having so much fun. I kept yelping at them to keep them running. Had to stop them after a while, somehow I think their mothers wouldn’t approve.
      It was 6 degrees when I went out and went to a balmy 15 degrees. Wind chill factors below zero. Tomorrow continues quite cold.

    • You know how much I adore you – you always make me laugh so. I can’t even imagine how much snow you’ve been through. Could you believe the bank closed at noon for “associate safety”? It had barely started to snow.

  2. Love this post, Emily, you always make us feel like we’re right THERE. Wherever “there” is! And ponies in the snow, it just doesn’t get much better for a winter scene… 🙂

      • Horses Horses Horses,… I live and BREATHE them and always from afar. With a lot between us, for a whole lotta’ reasons. Still, I am connected to them in ways I never imagined. And I just loved seeing your images of them, dancing and snorting in the snow, it made my day.

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