Tag: nature photography

Clearwing Sphinx Moth

Hovering over the bee balm this afternoon there was an imitator. Pretending to be as a hummingbird, appeared this Hummingbird Clearwing Sphinx Moth. An unusual visitor at the manor, this hummingbird moth dined on the bright pink blossoms, moving in circular fashion around each flower. Such an unusual […]

The Unexpected

You never know when something exciting may cross your path. I was in the grocery store parking lot, starting to leave and saw a hawk in the middle of the aisle. Ready to park and pull out the camera, I saw him flush up from a passing car. […]

Earthly Heron Landing

I was all prepared to return to this week’s Duck Dynasty program with the wintering ducks on the Chesapeake Bay. But then a short series of images from today’s outing at Schoolhouse Pond in Upper Marlboro, Maryland shined through. While the morning started foggy and damp, midday cleared […]

Looking Forward

May I wish you a wonderful and glorious Happy New Year and hope that 2015 brings you much happiness and success. When reviewing 2014, the first thing that comes to mind is all the bad things that happened. Life challenges were pervasive throughout the year and are continuing […]

Bits and Pieces

Even though I’ve been running around like crazy this week, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have my camera on the ready. Sitting on the dining room table, the “baby” is always ready for action. So a few bits and pieces from the manor’s life this week. First […]