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Project 365/122 – Yellow Spots

Finally having a chance to catch up on some spring migration birding, I headed down to new-to-me natural area in Harwood, Maryland. Wooten’s Landing offers a natural marshland area that is lesser known. A perfect resting stop for migrating warblers and other birds heading north for the summer. […]

Project 365/104 – Butter & Blue

A true spring morning with Virginia Bluebells blooming, and Yellow-Rumped Warblers flitting in the trees. Their spring songs lifting even the heaviest of spirits. Their delicate nature, moving in constant joy and celebration of a warm spring day. Bringing their bright yellow to share with the blue flowers […]

An Epic Journey

Autumn is a time of transition. Not only for the trees but also for many birds and the miraculous Monarch Butterfly. Last Friday while cruising on the Magothy River that feeds into the Chesapeake Bay, little of spots of orange caught my eye. These little bits of color […]