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Red Footed Booby

  “Red Footed Booby” I’ll never forget our visit on Tower Island – Genovesa Island in the Galapagos and the cacophony of nesting bird calls. Fondly known as the Bird Island, Genovesa Island hosts three types of booby birds, Magnificent Frigatebird and many others nesting on the island. […]

The Story Behind the Picture

As a nature and wildlife photographer, and truly any photographer that wants to progress in their profession, Marketing and Promotion is an essential part of the equation. When speaking with several professional photographers that have been around a while, they spend a majority of their time Marketing and […]

Santa Cruz Island – Cerro Dragon

Continuing on our Galapagos adventure an afternoon stop at Cerro Dragon cove and wetland brought a contrast in landscapes. A rocky and sandy cove dotted with large cacti greeted us. A dry landing onto volcanic rock brought us to the trail. A resting volcano stood in the distance […]

The Fish Market

Imagine a place with blue skies and turquoise warm waters. Where local fisherman bring their early morning catch to sell. A place where nature and man have learned to co-exist next to each other. The Fish Market at Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos is such a […]

The Charles Darwin Research Station

Traveling among the isolated and remote islands of Galapagos, one begins to wonder if man inhabits any of these islands. But there is such a place, a change of pace from the natural world that nearly all the ship’s itineraries include. Located on Santa Cruz Island is Puerto […]