Red Footed Booby


“Red Footed Booby”

I’ll never forget our visit on Tower Island – Genovesa Island in the Galapagos and the cacophony of nesting bird calls. Fondly known as the Bird Island, Genovesa Island hosts three types of booby birds, Magnificent Frigatebird and many others nesting on the island.

The Island is barren save the mangroves which is home for these nesting birds. Storm Petrels swarmed the sky with their constant shrill.

The trail snakes through the nesting area and the birds just watch calmly as you walk by. Visiting this island is a “Wet Landing” where our pangas drop you off in the surf before you begin the short trail.

I’ll never forget the feeling of being overwhelmed by the quantity of birds in just the small area of the island we visited. The remainder of the island is closed to visitors to protect both the island as well as its wildlife.

Canon 5D Mark III, 500mm Aperture Priority f/5.6, ISO 200, 1/1600 sec AWB.

Edits in Lightroom and Topaz Impression/Studio

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  1. I love the simple and natural pose of this bird. I can’t tell whether it is preening its feathers or carrying a small twig to make a nest. A photo with a story indeed! 👍

  2. So we only get one image at a time now? Well, I have appreciated the effort that you have put into this blog. (And of course the technical details were always available in the EXIF data.)

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