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What a Deer Thinks

  So I’ve spent the last three days stalking Bambi’s at dawn and dusk in great efforts to capture that “Gallery Shot.” This is what this young buck thought of that. Pffffttt ! I’ve got over 800 photos to go through and it’ll be hard to wean down […]

Off to the Mountains!

This morning I’m heading on a short road trip to the Shenandoah National Forest. Enjoying the fall colors today and wildlife abound at dusk. Tomorrow I’ll be hiking Old Rag Mountain, then a leisure return home at the end of the week. The mountains are fabulous as I’ll […]

Red Walls for Mabry

It’s not often that this country mouse gets into the city. Heading up to Baltimore last week to see Wicked at the Hippodrome Theatre, a short field trip was in order to discover Edgar Allan Poe’s final resting place. Along the way, century old buildings and modern buildings […]

That is One Happy Face !

In the late summer in the northeastern corner of Maryland, acres and acres of happy faces stand blooming and sharing their cheer. Located in Harford County, Clear Meadow Farm plants nearly 300 acres of sunflowers for harvesting. A popular site for nature lovers and photographers, these fields of smiling faces […]