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Another Day at the Dam

Today was a wonderful day at the Conowingo Dam, waiting..waiting..and waiting for some Bald Eagle action to occur. The morning was overcast and misty, with cloud cover through most of the morning. The promised sunny day didn’t occur until midday when the dam went quiet, and the Bald […]

Like a Phoenix

In the morning of All Saints Day of 1 September 1755 a seaside village in Portugal was suddenly destroyed. The Great Lisbon Earthquake hit at 9:40am and subsequent fires and a Tsumani brought Lisbon to its knees and was considered one of the deadliest earthquakes in history. Fortune […]

A Week Full of Abundance

Autumn is still in the air, with Indian Summer days and the bold reds and browns shining through. A week full of abundance with family, friends and sideboards filled with delicious food lovingly prepared. Fall harvest abundant throughout with pumpkins, squash and corn all to provide winter sustenance. […]