Foot Prints

Behind the Bishop’s Garden Door

Secret Entrance into the knot garden

Enter if you will into the beautiful and imaginary Bishop’s Garden.

Walking through the ivy laden archway through to the knot garden we will stroll.

Our way watched by blooming Camelias.

Inside it will be perpetual spring with Cherry trees blooming profusely, lining our walk with light and fresh scents.

Along our way we will find frogs spewing the essence of life, a charming fountain for all to enjoy.

Hillwood Museum

Swans gracefully floating with their wings brightened by the sun, and the water dancing with diamonds.

Tundra Swan

A young lady shares great love and trust with her white steed.


Cherubs will stand gracefully ready to entertain us with their charm.

National Gallery of Art

And the sound of a natural waterfall soothes our soul.

Shenandoah National Park

Here we will have a rocking chair to sit and whittle the hours away.

Cross Creek, Florida

And little kittens will snooze in the morning sun.

Ollantaytambo, Peru

A fox hunt is to be observed today.

Ladew Gardens

But of course what really is behind the Bishop’s Garden Door is…..

The Washington National Cathedral

Where the sun sets brightly every evening.

Magothy River

Indeed, the Bishop’s Garden is a true eden, where all of our dreams come true.

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  1. beautiful images – a serenity that calms -you are fortunate to be able to visit and photograph these great places – so many will just walk by and not open the door – it takes imagination to enter into another world – and sometimes daring

    • It is true Will. These photos are from my photo field trips from this year. Going over them, I have been truly fortunate to see some very special places. Many are in my area ! Indeed, imagination, and daring opens a whole new world!

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