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A Messy Annapolis

Well, that was rather odd. I have a smugmug account, and I went and tried to share my Annapolis album with you via their “Be Social” option. Alas, all it sent over was this one mallard duck enjoying the flood in Annapolis harbor. So just discovered something, If […]

A Ghostly Duck

  I went out this morning in hopes to see droves of birds hunkering down for the storm. We heard lots of them in the bush and many flying above leaving the Delmarva coast line for somewhere else. Perhaps I should take a hint ! The cold front […]

Take a Bow

I must admit, there are two things in life that completely elude me. One…melting chocolate. The second? Capturing birds on film. After joining the Anne Arundel Bird Club in January, I  first thought that these birders were, well… a bit wacky. After all, who stands in the bush […]

An Industrial Morning

  It’s a busy Monday morning for me, but I wanted to share with you this glorious sunrise. Captured Saturday morning at Swan Creek Wetlands located near the Under Armour Factory. Swan Creek Wetlands is a birders paradise offering wide range of habitats for birds. Have a wonderful […]