Category: Washington DC

Behind the Bishop’s Garden Door

Enter if you will into the beautiful and imaginary Bishop’s Garden. Walking through the ivy laden archway through to the knot garden we will stroll. Our way watched by blooming Camelias. Inside it will be perpetual spring with Cherry trees blooming profusely, lining our walk with light and […]

Honoring the Noble

Arlington National Cemetery,┬áthe most sacred resting place for American military and their families in the United States. Situated on land originally owned by the Custis Family, and wife of General Robert E. Lee, that was seized by the Union army during the American Civil War. In 1864, with […]

The Hands Have It

This past Monday, I went into the woods with six of my hiking buddies. The objective? To clean and clear out some trails that had a number of trees felled due to Hurricane Sandy. As we will be hiking this route in several weeks with the regular hiking […]

Oh to Vote!

Funny how one little white house can have such a strong global impact. As the world knows, today heralds one of the more significant days in American history. American voters can exercise their right to vote and hope that their ideals and values win in today’s Presidential election. […]

True Bravery Against the Storm

As most of us are ready for Sandy to make landfall, just remember ‘The Old Guard’ is out there today, still guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The tomb has been guarded continuously since 1937. This is what dedication to service is all about and their mission […]

A Day of Natural Contrasts

When starting in the Botanical Gardens in the morning, I had a hard time getting inspiration for photographing. So looking for an idea, I decided to work on natural contrasts. The gardens surrounding the Conservatory provided ample subjects. Working with the contrasting plants, trying to set up the […]

The Great White

Being at the footsteps of one of the most powerful buildings in the world, supposedly taking photos of flowers, the Capital building kept calling my name to be photographed. Trying hard not to gravitate to my desire to photograph landscapes, I made a concerted effort to try to […]

I’m Thinking Pink

Pink pink everywhere. With feathers, beaks and feet Pink just seems to be on the move. Should they look this away, or that away. Just who is the bigger pink? A little nibble here, a little nibble there. Pink is in constant motion. I think I need a […]