Foot Prints

The Great White

Being at the footsteps of one of the most powerful buildings in the world, supposedly taking photos of flowers, the Capital building kept calling my name to be photographed. Trying hard not to gravitate to my desire to photograph landscapes, I made a concerted effort to try to think small. But the gleaming white marble kept catching my eye.

So many opportunities arose to capture this majestic building in all of its glory. So I couldn’t help myself to sneak a few landscape shots with the Capital Building.

This weekend’s workshop is under the expert coaching of Allen Rokach, current Director of Photography at the New York Botanical Gardens. When reading about his professional achievements and seeing his stunning photography only makes me dream that I could be even half the photographer that Allen is. He is a wonderfully patient, supportive and photographic expert that provides a wonderful learning environment for aspiring photographers. In visiting his portfolio here, you can see how he has become a world renowned photographer.

Well, I’m off for day two of the workshop so wish you a Happy Sunday ! Bella Remy

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