Category: Washington DC

Project 365/100 – FDR

A hidden treasure, a well placed treasure next to the Potomac River along the Tidal Basin and across from the Jefferson Memorial stands the memorial for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. A President known for his love of water, and his leadership, this memorial is unique in its nature. Built […]

Project 365/99 – Dawn at the Tidal Basin

With the warming temperatures, the long delayed cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin have finally hit their peak bloom. With an early pre-dawn departure, I arrived to the cherry blossoms before dawn. Many photographers were already on-site establishing their desired position for the sun rise. The cloud cover […]

Tree Huggers

Let’s join in with Luke the Black Maned Lion and his son John in a great tree hugger love fest. We love trees Trees are our friends. Trees support our lives. They provide shelter from the sun. They provide heat in the winter. Trees are awesome.

Lunch in Farragut Square

“Damn the Torpedoes ! Full speed ahead!” Standing high and proud in a rare green space in the center of the bustling streets of Washington D.C. stands a statue of David G. Farragut. A Union Admiral in the American Civil War immortalized by his battle cry during the […]

A Short Stroll in the Park

On a morning photography technical walk-about in Meridian Hill Park in Washington D.C., with Lynford Morton of Phototour DC, it was wonderful to reaffirm what I’ve learned the past two years about photography. It was also exciting that even though you think you know something, there is always […]