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Le Chat

There’s a place in France, where the kitties wander freely through a medieval village. Nestled in the Luberon Mountains sits the small and rustic village Rustrel. This little known gem in Provence has less than 800 residents. Seen down the alleyways and small cobblestone roads, these lovely felines […]

Good Morning

  Palm Trees and Ocean Breezes greet you early in the morning to warm your day. A pair of lounge chairs quietly await you to come and soak in the sun in the warm morning. The cool soft sand ready to sooth your bare feet. Have a wonderful […]

Beachy iPhoneology

Desperately missing the beach with its crashing waves, sandy beaches and salty breezes I took a brief detour from central Florida to the east coast. Heading to Daytona Beach, memories of a sleepy and sleazy beach town with biker bars and well-worn hotels were quickly swept away when I arrived […]

Huzzah !!

Mid-August brings my favorite long-running festival located in a large village in Crownsville, Maryland. The Maryland Renaissance Festival, known as “RennFest” begins the weekend of August 25, 2012 in Revel Grove. Revel Grove is a permanent village tucked back in the forest and covers over 25 acres. As the […]


The dog days of summer have arrived, and although it has been the hottest summer on record in Maryland, the cooling August nights made me realize  that I’m just not ready for summer to be over. But there is so much to look forward to in autumn. The […]

Blue Upon Gray

There is a fabulous photo blogger, Matthew George at Photo Lord Contest. He provides a wonderful venue for photographers worldwide to have the opportunity to have their photos showcased on his blog. When I started blogging, I never thought that people would actually enjoy my photos, let alone […]


Woo Hoo !! Found me an Alligator. Oh wait..that’s not the kind of Alligator I was looking for. In my futile attempts to find an alligator in the wild, I finally went to Lake Alice on the campus of the University of Florida at dusk. Wandering along the […]


There is nothing like going from one hot state to another in mid-August. Leaving the heat of Maryland, I was hoping for cooler temperatures for my quick visit to Florida. Completely not taking into account the higher humidity that Florida is known for, I walked off the airplane […]