Woo Hoo !! Found me an Alligator. Oh wait..that’s not the kind of Alligator I was looking for.

In my futile attempts to find an alligator in the wild, I finally went to Lake Alice on the campus of the University of Florida at dusk. Wandering along the banks of the lake, I was pleasantly relieved that there wasn’t a massive mosquito strike planned against my little person.

Once again, the promise of alligators stared me right in the face, taunting me with the temptations of alligators floating in the warm waters. But I think the gators knew of this sign and decided to hide elsewhere to make it harder for ones like myself on an alligator hunt.

Finally arriving near a small aqueduct, I was greeted by a huge snapper turtle in the shallow waters.  Its little snot nose teasing me in making me think that it was actually a gator.

Mumbling small curses to myself, I started thinking of Snapper Turtle soup and kept walking along the water line, in hopes of a glimpse of an alligator. Then suddenly, there he was !

I started doing the Alligator victory dance ! Finally I have managed to find an alligator in the wild. He wasn’t very big, perhaps 3 -4 feet long, and he seemed to just be hanging out. The huge snapper turtle came around with several of his friends and kept floating by the alligator. Front, back, sideways, under, and over.  Alligator didn’t care, he just floated there.

So he’s just floating there, being all mellow and quiet. I wanted to see some gator action, hiss, roar, attack a fish or a turtle will ya? Nope, it was a warm afternoon float. I started thinking, well he is pretty close to the bank, and is a rather small alligator. Perhaps I should jump in the water and try some alligator wrestling. After all, Mary Caperton Morton The Blonde Coyote learned how to do alligator wrangling in Colorado. She made it look easy!

I’m like a cat though, I really don’t like getting wet if I don’t have to. Humm…is that a long stick that I see over in the trees? Let’s see if he’ll bite it!

Honestly, Alligator didn’t like having his quiet afternoon float being disturbed, and perhaps the environmentalists would have something to say about it, but after a hiss and a huff, he ran off to deeper waters.

Now I know when and where to find alligators in my visits to Gainesville. I’ll be back again to catch them once more. Who knows, maybe next time I’ll be willing to get wet!

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  1. I love it! It may not have been the best idea to poke at him, but what a perfect reaction! For the record, they almost always just float. Or just lie there. I’ve only heard one once.

  2. You saw a juvie!! I LOVE this age… They’re adorable! Made it past baby-hood — so tough for the gators… And they’re on their ways! 🙂

  3. Haha! I chuckled out loud at your follow up story. Good for you. My husband and i saw a gator there as well right before a football game.

  4. Glad you got to see one finally! Don’t know about the stick thing though. Could’ve come after you! I’ve got one about the same size in a pond across the street from me.

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