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Hold Me Back

“Shutter Dogs” in Annapolis Historical homes in Annapolis Maryland ensure historical accuracy by using Shutter Tie Backs for their windows. The popular “S” curve shutter dogs have been made for over 200 years and were originally hand forged. 1/80 sec at f/16 ISO 100 Canon 60D 24-105mm at […]

In Search of the Blue

View of Annapolis over the Severn River This bright and crisp late January morning, my friend and I joined this wonderful group of people from the Anne Arundel County Bird Club down at Greenbury Point along the Severn River in Annapolis. Our mission? To find as many wintering birds […]

Tundra Swans on the Bay

Beautiful and graceful, the Tundra Swan elegantly glides along the Chesapeake Bay during its winter holiday from Alaska. Also known as the Whistling Swan, the Tundra Swan is known to be native to the bay area. Every winter they fly nearly 4,000 miles from Alaska and the northern […]