In Search of the Blue

View of Annapolis over the Severn River

This bright and crisp late January morning, my friend and I joined this wonderful group of people from the Anne Arundel County Bird Club down at Greenbury Point along the Severn River in Annapolis. Our mission? To find as many wintering birds as possible along the point.

With a wide range of vegetation including marshes, grasses, evergreens, and deciduous trees, surely we’d hit the jackpot today with birds. There is a lovely three mile loop that includes paved, wooded trails, and unpaved roads that weave in and out of meadows, woods, and along the water. At the parking area of Greenbury Point, there is a nature center that is open on Thursdays from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. This is a 231 acre peninsula which is now a natural preserve owned by the Naval Academy.

The two main leaders of the group, Dan and Kathi are expert birders. Not only were they able to see a bird a mile away, they are also able to identify the bird and most likely be able to sing its song. Dan was truly remarkable as he carried an iPhone with an attached speaker with numerous bird calls. The idea is to try to draw out the birds by calling out to them. First by playing a raptor’s sound – like an owl, along with Chickadees. The idea being if there is a predator around, the birds will come to protect their flock.

But in spite of our biggest efforts, most of the birds eluded us. Perhaps it was due to the other families and people walking on the trails with their dogs unleashed. There were a few birds that we saw off in the distance, but the glory was on our way back, there is a freshly cleared meadow with blue abound. Blue birds that is..we counted at least 10 of them with their brilliant blue backs, and their reddish chests. There was also a Yellow Rumped Warbler, fondly nicknamed “yellow butt”.

Along these birders, I felt so uneducated. Their knowledge of the birds, and how to go about birding was just absolutely spectacular. Their devotion on the search for completing their “life lists” are impressive. One has to appreciate their patience, diligence, and love for nature to pursue such a wonderful pastime.

HOW TO GET THERE:  Address: 265 Ballard Boulevard, Annapolis, Maryland 21402

From Route 50 East/Westbound: Exit onto Route 450 South / Ritchie Highway towards Annapolis. Turn right at the first light just at the foot of the Severn River Bridge onto MD 648 / Baltimore Annapolis Blvd. Veer right and MD 648 turns into Greenbury Point Road. Continue through the golf course and the nature center will be located on the right following the golf course. Park here.


The Lone Ranger

Yellow Rumped Warbler

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