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Mid-August brings my favorite long-running festival located in a large village in Crownsville, Maryland. The Maryland Renaissance Festival, known as “RennFest” begins the weekend of August 25, 2012 in Revel Grove. Revel Grove is a permanent village tucked back in the forest and covers over 25 acres. As the second largest Renaissance Festival in the United States, RennFest is literally a worm hole that takes you back in time.  Following the life King Henry the VIII, this year will be 1514 and Revel Grove is to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of King Henry’s sister Mary to France’s King Louis XII.

Visiting the RennFest allows one to enjoy in the sport of “LARP’ing” or known as “Live Action Role Play.” Available at the entrance are costume rentals where one become part of the festival. Other visitors are more enthusiastic in participating in the festival and own elaborate costumes to stroll through the village. Of course knowing how to say M’lord and M’lady is necessary.

There is so much to love in Revel Grove, not only is it a roaming village that is quite family friendly, but countless entertainment is offered throughout the day. With a number of stages, the entertainment ranges from Shakespeare plays to comedy and acrobatic acts.

There is something so liberating about visiting the RennFest. All those who attend either as a guest or as an entertainer are looking for full-hearted fun. Being expressive and artistic comes with your entry ticket and inhibitions are left at the gate.

There are Tree Fairies and tall wind sprites that float by sprinkling magical fairy dust throughout the land.

For a pittance your fortune can be told

Handsome lairds are a sight to see

While baudy wenches hang out of windows

There is so much to see and do at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, from Elephant rides to live jousting. And the food..oh the food, along with the beer and wine.  Cheesecake on a stick, Steak on a Stake and best of all Turkey Legs. Come hungry and leave fully satisfied.

This family and adult friendly venue runs every weekend through the weekend of October 21, 2012. Come out and be part of the fun, and don’t forget your costume!

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  1. WOW! The 2nd largest in the States? How fuuuun! I’ve been to a few — down here, of course, and in the PA area, and in CA. But I bet they can’t compare to this! Such lovely images… ♥

    • I’ve heard the PA one is also pretty great. It always amazes me how large the village is and it remains empty throughout the year except during Rennfest time. If you can come up to visit mom, you should and see this faire.

    • Hi Stephanie! Welcome back. You were truly missed! Oh, the people watching, the activities, the sights and sounds. It’s total sensory overload. I’m really starting to like that Laird shot. Think I had a few raspberry wines by then. I’m surprised it’s in focus!

    • Can’t say I’m good at it either Will. I usually sneak around with a zoom lens because I’m too shy to ask. But at the Rennfest, everyone is so outgoing and love to have their photos taken. They’re totally cool with getting their pictures taken and even pose for you. It’s awesome.
      Thank you for your very kind words, certainly has made my day!

  2. You had me at cheesecake on a stick and steak on a stake! hahaha I have been wanting to go to one of these forever. We have one down here called the Bay Area Renaissance Festival. Its held from February to April. Every year I think “I will go this year” then I forget about it until it’s over! You got some really good shots of it!

  3. What a lovely festival, and you tell about it so vividly. I have never been to a festival were you can rent costymes and go back in time like this. White lady is my favorite picture, and the happy people in the last one.

    • Now I would think that for certain you would have participated in one of these fabulous festivals, dressed to the nines. Actually, people do travel internationally to come and visit the Rennfest. I’m sure you can find something similar in your area. I appreciate you letting me know which photos are your favorites. Helps me get a better idea as to what someone else likes, versus what I think is a good photo. 🙂

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