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Chasing Waterfalls

As I was enjoying the rainy day with raging creeks and streams, it would only make sense that I would also chase waterfalls. On my way home from Washington D.C. I decided to stop by Patapsco Valley State Park and head towards Cascade Falls in the Avalon area.

With my state park pass I entered into the honor pass gate and drove down the drenched road filled with water and the Patapsco River alongside looking like it was at least four feet higher than it usually is. The park was empty and I had the place to myself.

Solitude in nature is healing and once our spirits know how soothing it can be it can be addictive. Connected with nature, being part of the landscape. The rain bringing the forest alive with life-giving water and cleansing the air of its pollen filled spring air.

With this solitude though comes a sense of self-protection and survival. If I was younger I probably wouldn’t be as concerned about falling in a stream or getting lost but with age comes wisdom. And with this wisdom comes caution. With solitude in many natural remote areas there may also be a complete disconnection from the virtual world. No cell service in these remote areas can add to caution for safety.

Some of the quiet and remote streams had come alive with the incredible amount of rainfall we had received during the weekend. To create unique captures, one should search off of the beaten track and discover those little things that hadn’t been seen before. I was able to stop along the way and enjoy some of these temporary small waterfalls.

I traveled light with my rain hat and the camera on a tripod. Using the tripod as a hiking pole I would check sections within the stream for footing. Avoiding the fast and heavily rushing waters I stayed near rock’s edge. Even watching the rocks as I knew the moss covered ones are slippery. With the incline of the ridge a small stream seems larger than life.

As I knew the time between rain bands was brief I rushed on to reach the lower section of Cascade Falls. One area I had thought of capturing was just too precarious with deep and fast rushing waters so I moved on towards the falls. The lower section of the falls was fuller than I had ever seen it and I managed to get access to the stream’s edge carefully scrambling over the boulders.

Carefully capturing both horizontal and vertical images I ensured I had plenty of perspectives to select from when it came editing time.

At last I arrived to Cascade Falls and the area was filled with overflowing water. It was difficult to reach a section that would lend itself to a pleasing composition and I certainly wanted to stay safe. Looking for perspective, and something in the foreground to lead the eye to the falls I managed to capture an image.

The rain brought out the brilliant green of the surrounding foliage and it seemed like a magical land where Hobbits live. I dearly wanted to get closer to Cascade Falls and even cross where one normally would but it was impassable for this safety conscious girl.

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