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Spring Rains

This spring has been lovely after 2018 being a record year for rainfall in Maryland. We’ve actually had dry days and the ground has finally been able to return to normal. That is, until the rains began again this past weekend. In fact, it’s been raining most weekends lately and while others lament about being stuck inside due to the rain, I put my rain boots on and begin chasing waterfalls.

As I have a class at Rock Creek Park this weekend the rain gave me a great excuse to head down to Washington D.C. to scout it out. My favorite section there is known as the Rapids section and each time I’m able to make the journey to this oasis within the metropolis, Rock Creek is completely different from before.

Dodging rain bands and using the weather resistant Canon 5D Mark IV and the 24-105mm f/4 L lens I added a Singh-Ray ‘Lighter & Brighter’ Circular Polarizer filter. Mind you, my preference is that this kit doesn’t get wet at all but I know it can handle a little bit of misting with a quick wipe down. Ideally, having a plastic bag cover over the kit would be preferred and using gaffers tape will help seal the edge when not using a lens hood.

There are several historic bridges in Rock Creek Park and the most unique one is Boulder Bridge which was built in 1901.

As I had visited this bridge several times before I wanted to try a different angle so I took the time to walk to the other side as I hadn’t done so before. The Creek was raging and full with water from the constant weekend rain and I was thankful to have tall rubber boots on. Where I usually was able to get to the water’s edge it was completely inaccessible and with the water rushing strongly it wasn’t worth the risk to be washed away.

A nearby bridge is the Rapids Footbridge and when looking at images from previous visits, I’m just amazed by just how flooded Rock Creek was today.

The park was truly beautiful today and I’m glad that the weather worked out in my favor. I’m looking forward to sharing beautiful Rock Creek Park with my class participants on Saturday. And once more Rock Creek Park will show a different face when I visit again.

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  1. Can’t wait for your class on Saturday. Rain boots I think are going to be part of my outdoor wardrobe.

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